Wednesday, October 6, 2010

edible weeds

stinging nettle in bloom

thought i might mention the plethora of growth in and around our garden that we didn't intend, but can still eat. it's always good to know that we're surrounded by exceptionally nutritious greens, even though we shun them more often than not. so here it is, folks. an incomplete list of some edible weeds.
-burdock root. put it in stir fry or add it to salad, either way, it's not bad. 
-dandelion. the flowers can be made into wine or jelly. the roots make a bitter tea and purportedly detoxify your liver. the young leaves aren't bad in salads.
-lamb's quarters. the (young) leaves are good in a salad.
-chicory. flowers and roots are worth a try.
-goldenrod. the flowers and leaves can be used for tea. 
-shepherd's purse. peppery.
-milk thistle. the leaves are comparable to spinach. and it regenerates the cells of your liver.
-plantain. edible and good for combating bug bites. 
-stinging nettle. careful with this one. cook those leaves like you would spinach. helps with arthritis and kidney problems.
-purslane. again, salads. and has omega-3 fatty acids. who knew?
-red clover. the flowers make a fantastic tea. it'll blow your mind. it's better and cheaper than kombucha.

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