Thursday, April 14, 2011

garden activities 2011

howdy friends!
though we haven't been writing about the garden, we've been busy tending to it.  we made two new cold frames that are storing many plug trays of seedlings. the two front plots have been broadfork'd and treated with manure, as well as four beds in the back 40. we've put spinach, arugula, chard and sugar snap peas in the ground. and we've planned out the garden, in its entirety.  we're doing a CSA this year, and quite excited about it. we love sharing our garden with people!
we've started plug trays of basil, fennel, leeks, tomatoes, lettuces, broccoli and kale, so far. there's more to come, for sure.

new cold frames

here's our crop list (mainly from johnny's):
edamame (toya and butterbeans)
broccoli (windsor, blue wind and gypsy)
cucumbers (diva and little leaf)
kale (winterbore and red russian)
lettuces (mesculn and red romaine)
melons (charentais-edonis)
snap peas (super sugar snap and sugar anne)
scallions (deep purple)
tomatoes (green zebra, velencia, sun golds, marianna, striped germans)
can you tell there are 4 broadfork'd beds?
squash (kabocha-confection, delicata, butternut-waltham)
corn (augusta and vision)
spinach (corvair)
potatoes (red norland and kennebec)
summer squash (dundoo)
parsnips (javelin)
carrots (bolero and nelson)
pumpkins (expert)
leeks (king richard)
sunflowers (fire cracker, velvet queen and full sun)
zinnias (prairie)

and from vermont bean company:
green beans (roma II, soleil, cherokee, top crop)

things to do: sow a tray of peppers, direct sow carrots, parsnips, onions, radishes and potatoes

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