Wednesday, July 27, 2011

a midsummer garden

we had a heat wave a week ago, same as the rest.  it did a number on our crops, but overall everything is doing well.  the heat bolted lots of lettuces, broccoli, herbs and burnt the roma green  beans (luckily we already picked the majority of them). the high temperatures also stunted the growth of the second plantings of green beans, spinach and edamame.  
so... the past few shares have consisted of zukes, mesclun, new potatoes, beans, lettuces, broccoli, bok choi, kale, chard and various herbs.  we've been busy squishing beetles on our edamame and potatoes, keeping an eye out for hornworms, and watering plants.

beautiful kale

autumn crops have dominated our garden thoughts lately.  we planted some super sugar snap peas for the fall, and loads of plug trays full of brassicas (who isn't smitten for fall kale?!) and lettuces.  but that seems far off, because next week we're expecting the first tomatoes, and soon after the first planting of corn and edamame. those are some high ticket crops!
also, the firecracker sunflowers are coming up - yowza! 

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