Wednesday, August 25, 2010

edamame, edamame

edamame is a wonderful earth product and tons of fun to say.  how could you go wrong? 
these young and lusty soybeans are high in fiber, heavy in protein, and just bursting with manganese and folate. so eat up folks, 'cause with some tamari sauce they're scrumptious. 

before you is the wonder-plant itself. bathe in its tender glory.

edamame on the stalk.

after we picked the pods from the stalk, they got a quick rinse,
sanitized edamame

then a gentle yet cleansing spa,
steaming hot edamame

followed by an awakening ice bath.  

keep 'em in the ice for the same amount of time you keep 'em in the spa. symmetry, friends. that's what it's all about. 
then we package them into their frozen death, only to be nibbled upon at our random luxury.  

shown are our tohya soybeans.  we made a 20 foot bed with 4 rows. so far we've harvested half of that bed.  it's yielded ~5 or 6 quarts (stored in freezer bags).  that's a lot. so i plan on trying out this edamame hummus recipe sometime this week.

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