Tuesday, September 21, 2010

spinach tomato hummus pasta

this is actually a default lunch for our kid. it's very quick and simple, and his favorite. we like it too.

it requires:
2c brown rice pasta, or something similar
1c chopped spinach
1 tbs olive oil or butter
1/3c diced cheddar
3 or 4 tbs of your favorite hummus
1 tbs whole milk
cherry tomatoes, quartered. 
sprinkle of nutritional yeast

then you just cook the pasta, and put the spinach in at the very end. strain and mix with all the other ingredients. top with crushed pepper.  also, you should experiment with more or less cheese and hummus to your taste. you might add fresh basil, or some red pepper to give it more flavor, and replace the spinach with some other leafy green. nutritional yeast is key, though.

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