Friday, September 10, 2010

support your kale, people

some spring kale

i just have to say a few words to you about kale. these days, it's making a comeback, but it's still underrated in my humble opinion. i've been hearing a lot of kale-bashing recently (you know who you are...) which only tells me that the hey-day of kale has long since passed. so gather 'round, 'cause i want to tell ya'll about my very favorite brassica.  
-kale, is a 'superfood'. technically speaking. a card-carrying superveg. so that, in and of itself, deserves some deference. 
-kale is in many ways more nutritious than it's more popular leafy green associates (i.e. spinach and collards) because the iron and calcium, in tandem, are better absorbed by our bodies.  thus, it is innate to our corporeality to make room in our bellies for kale. 
-kale is a misunderstood vegetable. more likely to be used as an uncooked garnish than accompany a dish at most restaurants, kale is caught in a viscous spiral of betrayal and depreciation. 
-kale displays duality. it's a spring and autumn crop - the fall crop is sweeter, and a tad less bitter.
-kale tastes more sweet and flavorful after exposure to frost. what else can you sat that about?
-kale is currently the only vegetable our son will literally, while chewing, peel out of his mouth, so as to retain all the other food we feed him, but the kale.  so we've got him on kale smoothies now.
-in north western germany there are cultural milieus centered on kale.  they have a kale king and queen, annually.  inspiring, isn't it?

clearly, i have a soft spot for kale - it's beautiful, nutritious, versatile and really tasty.  i have no qualms with my soft spot.

 support your local kale, folks!
blueberry kale smoothie


  1. AAANNNNDDDD...I still don't like it. :-) Nice try, sis. Superfood *THIS* Kale (crude gesture in Kale's general direction). That's right.

  2. don't be a hater. all we are saying is give kale a chance.