Thursday, February 3, 2011

winter wonderland photo shoot

 we've been bombarded with nor' easters this winter - two in the last week, and another one to come on saturday!   this last storm brought snow, sleet and freezing fog that has served to collapse the roofs of ~50 boston businesses and many more homes, and derail several commuter trains.
we got 17 inches total from tuesday mornin' to wednesday night. and while 17 inches isn't that much, combined with the already 3 1/2 feet we have on the ground, that leaves 4+ feet of snow just hangin' out in our backyard.  we have 50 inches of depth, including the melted/ing snow.  this snow is for sledding and tunnel-making only, folks.
we have been busy shoveling. but we got a few requests so thought i might share some photos.
our little house
the fence line marks our garden


the walk to our car
our backyard


  1. Nice ones. Jeez, I think you guys have us beat in the snow department. Not by a lot though.....Chloe's "poop path" has got to be 2 feet over her head. We drop her in the snowbank and she's *gone*!!!!

  2. this looks amazing! (your house looks a lot bigger than i always imagined ... i guess i was imagining a one-roomed cottage, almost like our house right now, but it's a real farm!)